Why we connect generations?


For active senior talents

Many people want to continue working when reaching retirement age. They want to shape the future and be part of it. Gardening simply doesn't do it anymore.


For companies

Employers can no longer ignore the fact that with the demographic changes and waves of retirement, uncounted life experiences and valuable knowledge is being lost.


For all of us

WisR is a start-up that connects generations and a movement promoting the positive perception of age. Because people of all ages are valuable to the labour market.

This is how it works


Silvia is 62, she worked as an accountant for 25 years. She retired last year and is now looking for a new challenge.

Simon is founder of a young creative agency. Their team is growing fast and they need help for administrative tasks.


Silvia registers on the WisR platform and creates a new profile. She fills in her professional experiences and her interests.


Silvia now has access to job ads that are looking for experienced and flexible pensioners just like her. She finds Simon's ad.


Silvia applies for the job and now works once per week with Simon's team and loves it! Simon values her expertise.


Why be part of our community?

Because we want to grow wiser together.

… younger do people feel when reaching retirement age. Even scientifically speaking, a 60-year-old person today has the biological age of a 40-year-old one hundred years ago.

… of senior talents want to continue working actively. They want to take the opportunity to live a self-determined life and finally pursue their dream job.

… of the European population will be over the age of 50 in 2030. We need motivated senior talents back on the labour market.